Open Genre DJ Cam

Palm Springs based (by way of Brooklyn), Bay Area raised, DJ Cam aka Cameron T. Moore,

is an open genre DJ with a knack for providing you sonic food for your soul.

Photo: Jason Samy

Photo: Jason Samy

Brooklyn based, Bay Area raised, DJ Cam aka Cameron T. Moore is an unique soul who is part of the Geek Chic DJ’s, a NYC based DJ crew of talented people. He regularly plays music that people sometimes forget about including soul, funk, rare grooves, soulful vocal house, broken beat, 90s r&b and hip-hop.  All by combining the tunes of his youth with the music of today for a wider variety of music, fun and experience. DJ Cam has been djing for a number of years in the Bay Area but now brings his soulful talents to NYC. He plays that sexy neo soul music to set your night off right.

A resident at the Legendary “The Sweat Party”, he also helps put together “Ties & Tini’s” event that brings together stylish bow tie designers, great cocktails, and sexy eclectic music. His latest creation, “Hella Dope!” is a R&B centric party for lovers of soul and R&B.

Cam also runs a lifestyle brand called The Whiskey Lifestyle and is a Digital Strategist with his own imprint, Mookie Social.

Made with love, licorice, and whiskey by Mookie Creative