Open Genre DJ Cam

Palm Springs based (by way of Brooklyn), Bay Area raised, DJ Cam aka Cameron T. Moore,

is an open genre DJ with a knack for providing you sonic food for your soul.



I make mixes of the current stuff I am listening to or pick a theme and rock with it.

You subscribe to podcast [here] and Droid users [here] and list to more on soundcloud or mixcloud.


Head in the Clouds

Happy New Year! So apparently I've been gone to long as the world has been turned upside down. My bad, I shouldn't of left you, without a dope beat to step to. This is a collection of some of my fave tracks I found last year mostly in Soundcloud but also just uptempo fun r&b. I think we need more of this lately. Enjoy!

Buttamilk Biscuits 3

What it do! I am back about a month later with a new mix. Packed full of R&B goodness featuring Smino, The Weeknd, Miguel, Tom Misch, Gallant, Dornik, Noah and more! That's 2 mixes in 2 months, once I hit 3 we can call it a streak.

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